Keep Your Water Storage Sparkling Clean

At Legionella Water Services, we know pristine water storage is key to ensuring safe, quality water at your facility. Our thorough cleaning and disinfection services help maintain tanks and systems to the highest standard.

We follow all recommended procedures to provide compliant, comprehensive treatment. After isolating the tank, our technicians will completely drain and wash away any sediment or biofilm. We use hydrogen peroxide-based cleaners that effectively remove contamination with less dumped water than traditional chlorine methods.

Where needed, we can also disinfect full distribution systems using measured chemical concentrations at each outlet point. This protects against hazardous bacteria system-wide. We even collect samples afterward for certified lab testing to validate water quality.

You’ll receive documentation showing your storage and pipelines meet microbiological benchmarks after treatment. Consider us your partner in prevention helping you uphold strict standards.

With over 20 years of experience, we’ve tackled every cleaning challenge out there. You can trust our know-how to restore your water assets and safeguard occupants. We recognize clean water is too critical to cut corners.

Please reach out anytime to discuss your system hygiene needs! We take pride in providing reliable disinfection and testing tailored to your facility. Let’s work together to keep your water storage sparkling clean, 24/7.

How We Operate

Complete Risk Assessment

in strict accordance with ACoP L8 and BS 8580:2010 to keep you compliant.


Offer Recommendations

Let you know if required, in writing, what is required to make you compliant, along with full costings.


Complete Remedial Work

Complete to the highest standard any work required to negate all risks of Legionella.


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