Reduced Pressure Zone Vlave (RPZ) Testing

Reduced pressure zone valves (RPZ) are fitted to potable water systems as a means of backflow prevention. Without RPZ valves, if there was a sudden drop of pressure in the mains water system, the water could flow back in the opposite direction, causing possible contamination of the mains cold water supply.

The RPZ valves work by discharging any possibly contaminated water If there is a sudden drop in water pressure, prevent it from entering the mains cold water supply.

RPZ valves are fundamental in mains cold water systems and act as an important component in keeping your water system hygienic at the same time reducing the risk of proliferation of the Legionella bacteria. RPZ valve testing and maintenance should be carried out at least every 12 months, within 30 days of the date your current certificate ends.

All of our engineers at LWS are fully qualified to carry out annual testing and also install new RPZ valves.

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