Pipe Work Alteration & Dog Leg Removal

The terms dead leg, dead end or blind ends refer to a redundant length of pipework that is completely unused, very seldom used or capped off from use. Dead leg pipe work can be a result of alterations or refurbishment within a buildings water system.

Dead leg pipe work causes stagnation within the water supply which creates an optimal environment for the contamination and proliferation of the Legionella bacteria.

To prevent stagnation within the water system, all sections of dead leg pipe work should be removed, In certain circumstances this may be deemed impracticable, due to runs of pipe work disappearing through walls or not been able to locate the section where the pipe branches from the active main. If this is the case, then regular flushing of the pipe work should be implemented as part of an ongoing water management regime.

At LWS we can provide the solution to ensure your water systems are operating within recommended parameters, buy either removing the dead legs or altering the water system pipe work prevent such stagnation occurring.

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