Keep Your Buildings Safe with LWS Control

Legionella Water Services Ltd (LWS) is proud to introduce our newest innovation – LWS Control. LWS Control is a remote legionella and water quality monitoring system designed specifically for commercial buildings, hospitals, care homes, hotels, and other facilities with domestic water systems.

Real-Time Monitoring for Total Peace of Mind

LWS Control uses the latest IoT technology to continuously monitor your building’s water system. Sensors placed throughout the plumbing provide 24/7 visibility into:

  • Water temperatures
  • Flow rates
  • And other parameters

All data is transmitted to the cloud and accessible via our easy-to-use online dashboard from any web browser. Facilities managers and maintenance staff receive instant alerts if any readings go out of spec so immediate corrective action can be taken.

Automated Compliance Reporting

Staying on top of compliance requirements is a breeze with LWS Control. The system auto-generates reports for HSE, NHS and other regulators, saving you time and ensuring you always have the documentation you need readily available.

Better Protection, Reduced Risk

By enabling round-the-clock oversight of your water system, LWS Control reduces the risk of harmful legionella bacteria developing. This means better protection for your occupants, staff, visitors and bottom line. Our customers see dramatic reductions in positive legionella tests after installing LWS Control.

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Take control of your water safety with LWS Control!

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