Do you require an Assessment for Legionella Risk?

Legionella risk assessments are legally mandated (refer to your legal obligations HERE).

They are a statutory necessity under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, among other regulations. Conducting a Legionella risk assessment is a fundamental measure to safeguard both your workforce and the public against the risk of contracting Legionnaires’ disease. These assessments should align with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) L8 guidelines.

The most recent British Standard concerning Legionella is BS BS 8580-1:2019. Regular reviews of these assessments are recommended every two years or following any modifications to the system.

“A comprehensive assessment, meeting the necessary standards, is essential for identifying and evaluating the risk of Legionella bacteria exposure resulting from work activities and water systems on the premises, including implementing any required precautionary measures.”

ACoP L8, paragraph 23.

What Does a Legionella Risk Assessment Entail?

Our thorough and compliant Legionella risk assessments encompass the identification and assessment of all potential Legionella-related risks within your building’s water system.

A certified Legionella risk assessor, holding City and Guilds qualifications, conducts an on-site survey, involving:

  1. Comprehensive examination of each room
  2. Recording water temperatures throughout the site and comparing them with acceptable ranges
  3. Detailed inspection of all site assets
  4. Tracing all configurations of pipe work and water sources
  5. Identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing risks
  6. Recommending control schemes tailored to the identified risks
  7. Verification of system materials for compliance with WRAS (latest water fittings regulations)
  8. Documentation of all site assets and risk-prone areas with photography

Following the on-site visit, the risk assessment is documented and delivered to you electronically and/or in hardcopy, based on your preferences. This documentation includes:


  1. Certification of the risk assessment, suitable for HSE inspections
  2. Overall risk rating, providing a quantitative measure for risk assessment and prioritizing remedial actions
  3. Executive summary, presenting an overview of findings and preliminary recommendations
  4. Recommendations, a detailed task-by-task summary of site-specific suggestions
  5. Site and asset inspection reports, serving as asset registries for efficient management records
  6. Report photography, presenting findings with clear references to photographic records
  7. Site schematic, easy-to-follow, detailed representations of the entire site, pinpointing assets and dead legs against building references.

Why Opt for Legionella Water Services Ltd for Your Legionella Risk Assessment Compliance Assurance?

Our Legionella risk assessments strictly adhere to ACoP L8 and BS 8580:2010, ensuring your full compliance with regulatory requirements.

Concise and Practical Reporting: We surpass industry standards with our reports, presenting practical and succinct information. These reports aid in identifying key concerns and actionable steps to effectively manage the Legionella risk.

Decades of Expertise: With over two decades of industry expertise, we conduct 800+ Legionella risk assessments annually across the UK, showcasing a wealth of experience you can rely on.

Skilled, Accredited, and Courteous Assessors: Our Legionella risk assessors, holding esteemed City and Guilds qualifications, possess hands-on experience in water systems. They demonstrate professionalism, respect, and courtesy towards your premises, employees, and clientele.

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: Utilizing tailored software, we streamline Legionella risk assessments for optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment.

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